Sex & Islam 1.Sex Is Good For You by Muhammad Al-Akili

Un très bon article de @naboufall sur le sexe en #Islam.

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sex & islamSex Is Good For You

Information Taken From: Natural Healing With the Medicine of The Prophet, Translated & Emendation from original Arabic by Muhammad Al-Akili..

The sexual aspect of life has three basic purposes:


1. Conservation of the human race, and continuity of its kind until it reaches the total number of human beings intended by Allah’s (SWT) leave to experience life in this world, to fulfill the divine purpose, and to show gratitude to its Creator.

2. Ejection of bodily fluids from the body, otherwise, suppression or retention of congested semen can cause various kinds of serious illnesses.

3. Fulfillment of one’s desire, satisfaction of one’s sexual pleasure, and enjoyment of this blessing.

The latter is the only pleasure of such intercourse which is also provided in the heavenly paradise, whereby, therein three is neither ejaculation, natural discharge of bodily fluids, nor reproduction.

Sex is Good…

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